Daitera offers a new way of connecting your existing cloud, edge and on-
premise applications, 
providing a seamless experience.

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Multi-Cloud Solutions

Businesses need to use multi-cloud approaches for a variety of reasons e.g. to avoid vendor lock-in, regulatory requirements, redundancy and reliability of IT resources, as well as cost optimization.

Setting up a secure, integrated multi-cloud architecture is technically complex and highly time and resource consuming. Enterprises need to focus on their use case instead.

Daitera solutions automates and simplifies the setup and orchestration of complex heterogeneous multi-cloud architectures.

Professional Services

With Daitera multi-cloud you seamlessly connect your public cloud, edge, and on-premise server installation on the fly.

We Integrate the top public cloud providers e.g. AWS, GCP, Azure and Alibaba with your on-premise and/or edge installations.

We create a highly connected, secure and integrated DevOps infrastructure.

You reduce your TCO by providing your team a seamless multi-cloud, hybrid or customized cloud environments.

Multi-Cloud Kubernetes

Daitera Kubernetes Engine or DKE is a unique Kubernetes offering which supports multi-cloud operations in a seamless, integrated and efficient way.

A single DKE cluster can span many clouds simultaneously by supporting nodes which are located in different cloud providers but are part of the same Kubernetes cluster. This delivers state of the art features like rapid workload portability, redundancy and fail-over, reduces TCO and more.

DKE supports LoadBalancer and Storage integration with all major cloud providers and can also run on local data centers or edge devices.

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