Kubernetes as a Service

Our Kubernetes service enables the deployment of containerized applications on a single cluster running on multiple cloud providers. 

Management Dashboard

One central dashboard for users to manage their multi-cloud infrastructure across multiple providers, K8S clusters and environments


Monitor your cloud infrastructure including VMs, Kubernetes, Applications, and virtual resources.

VPN peering for VPCs

Our multi-cloud architecture features direct VPN connectivity between cloud providers, enabling for fast, secure and seamless connectivity of resources across cloud boundaries.

User & Role Management

We provide a centralized IAM and RBAC dashboard for managing users, roles and policies and their synchronization across the entire multi-cloud infrastructure.

Service Application Registry

Install applications and services in seconds via the Application Registry. We maintain a catalog of applications and allow users to target one or multiple providers.

Service Discovery

Take advantage of a multi-cloud DNS service which lets applications discover resources across the provider VPC.

Use our Solutions for your Efficient Multi-Cloud Integration 

Multi-Cloud Orchestration

Daitera Multi-Cloud service creates multi-cloud environments which span across more than one cloud providers, on-premise data center or edge devices. We support two kinds of environments - a more traditional VMs (Daitera Multi-Cloud VMs or DMCV) and Kubernetes based invironment (Daitera Kubernetes Engine or DKE).

Daitera Multi-Cloud creates DMCV and DKE environments (by securely connecting with the client's cloud credentials) and orchestrates IT resources like compute, storage, network and others to work in a coherent, multi-cloud architecture. The result of this orchestration is a completely usable multi-cloud environments featuring all basic services - multi-cloud connectivity, encryption and authentication, account and identity management, policy enforcement, service discovery, monitoring and alerting, log aggregation and management.

Workload Management

Daitera's Kubernetes Engine (DKE) and Daitera Multi-Cloud VM (DMCV) allows for seamless workload management across cloud providers.

DKE workload allocation features can be accessed using only naitive Kubernetes APIs to manage containers and pods and to allocated them in a certain cloud provider region. Any number of setups are supported ranging from single cloud deployment, to multi-cloud deployments featuring high-availability, redundancy and failover. We also support flexible storage allocation and traffic ingress.

DMCV environments enable IT solutions to run across providers in the same ways they do on a single data center.


Because DMCV has integrated connectivity and service discovery (DNS), applications can be distributed globally without changing how different components of the same application communicate and work across clouds.

Day-2 Operations

We enable IT teams to focus on running and maintaining their applications by providing basic services like connectivity, service discovery, logging and monitoring, TLS encryption and authentication, identity and access management. 

Our automation technology creates multi-cloud environments by adapting those services to function across different providers in a highly integrated fashion. This approach works independent of the particular use case and fits into a wide range of software architecture models.

The benefit for our clients is that they do not spend time and resources setting up a working multi-cloud environment and can start deploying their solution architecture immediately.

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