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DevOps, Cloud and Kubernetes Services


We at Daitera Cloud Solutions support IT teams to better manage and utilize IT infrastructure by providing deep technical expertise and services for multi-cloud setup, orchestration, migration, management and operations.

Multi-Cloud Automation

Today's IT landscape uses multi-cloud approach for a variety of reasons – to avoid vendor lock-in, regulatory requirements, redundancy and reliability of IT resources, cost optimization, and more.

Setting up a secure, integrated multi-cloud architecture is technically complex and highly time and resource consuming. Enterprises need to focus on their use case instead.

Daitera solution automates and simplifies the orchestration of complex heterogeneous multi-cloud architectures.

Cloud & Edge Integration 

With Daitera Cloud Solutions we simplify cloud native Kubernetes cluster operations across cloud and edge deployments. 


With our integrated security policy and user management we allow your team a dedicated role and access management.

You will be able to integrate and deploy your applications (within hours) across various cloud providers and decide which service runs where.

Daitera Cloud Solutions provides workload policy control.

Use Daitera Multi-Cloud As Your Cloud Native Enabler Across Your Entire IT  

  • Use our Professional Services for your Cloud Execution Strategy

  • We train your experts how to automate your cloud deployments and integrate your multi-cloud or edge installations

  • Daitera Cloud Solutions provides 24/7 support according to your needs with our customer first philosophy 


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